Postnatal depression

Mothers with postnatal depression are being failed by the NHS, which is ignoring international guidelines on the condition according to the charity 4Children. As reported in The Guardian, researchers from 4Children surveyed all health trusts in England and Wales to find out what sort of treatment was being received by one in ten new mothers. They found that, of those whose symptoms were recognised by their GPs, the great majority were being prescribed anti-depressants, contrary to guidance from NICE which recommends counselling and CBT for mild amd moderate cases of the so-called "baby blues". The survey also found that few health authorities were collecting information on the prevalence or severity of PND, while others seemed to have only a patchy understanding of the issue.

added at 12:01am on 13th January 2012

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"You're right. Many mental isesenlls diagnosed by psychiatrists can't actually be identified physically within the brain (in fact schizophrenia is the only one that comes to mind). If they can't be identified physically, then calling them mental isesenlls doesn't make sense, and it's a convenient way for psychiatrists to prescribe pills instead of doing in depth work with their patients in talk therapy.My mom was diagnosed schizophrenic, so I have very personal ties to this issue."
Eiko - 2013-07-01 01:45:26

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