How to avoid the waiting lists for counselling in Hastings

According to a new report from the "We Need To Talk" coalition, one in 10 people seeking therapy are waiting more than a year just for an assessment.

The coalition, which consists of professional bodies and other organisations interested in mental health, collected data from across England. This evidence showed that, whereas some areas reported waits of just 28 days for assessment, in others 90% of people being referred for therapy were waiting longer. Some 40% of referrals reported waiting more than 3 months. Most then started to see a therapist within 3 months, but a third waited longer.

The coalition reported evidence which showed that two thirds of people said they become more mentally unwell while waiting, and 16% had attempted suicide.

Some 24% turned to a private therapist rather than wait so long. For example, I am generally able to have a first, free meeting with new clients within a few days. As a professionally qualified private therapist I am then available to start scheduling sessions very quickly to meet a client's individual needs.

added at 12:09am on 23rd September 2014

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