More men seek counselling

Increasing numbers of men are now more willing to come for counselling than was the case five years ago.

BACP, the leading professional body for counsellors and psychotherapists, asked 250 of its members for feedback on this issue. The results showed that 62% said that they were seeing more men as clients than five years ago. And nearly three-quarters agreed that men were more likely to see a counsellor or psychotherapist than previously.

These survey results tie in with my local experience as a counsellor practising in Hastings. I am finding that more men than in the past are seeing counselling as a way of handling their emotional issues.

The growth in the number of male clients would seem to be part of a growing trend for people in general to see a talking therapy as a way of looking after their emotional health. But BACP research shows that women do still form the majority of clients seeing a counsellor. At 38%, people aged 35-44 are now the most likely to have had therapy.


added at 12:08am on 19th August 2014

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